Do multiples of the same card stack their bonuses?


For example… if I have 2 Mighty Generals in the same army, do their +5 bonuses stack for a +10, or is it just 1 bonus?

Secondary question… does the General have to the at the head of the army? Or can he be following someone?


Nope, multiple different cards stack but the same card doesn’t stack. However, the card’s effect works even when they’re not the leader.

For example; with the orc you can have 200 grunts, a tavern keeper, a vicious sergeant and a turtleshell sergeant (trolls). Regardless of which one is the leader, the tavern keeper +4 and v sergeant +3 will add their bonusses and the turtleshell will also add his +6 bonus when they’re in swamps but you’ll lose the v sergeant’s +3 bonus because that one only works in deserts. If 50 humans are added, the tavern keeper’s +4 bonus will also apply to them (because all) as will both other leaders when in their respective areas apply. However the general’s +5 will not buff to the orcs but will still buff the humans regardless,


Perfect thanks!