Duelling tournament

Hi everyone, prompted by the request for 1v1 games I saw on the forum I’d like to propose a Duel tournament.

Last year I had a spurt of Duels and it was pretty fun, small galaxies, burn based with 6h jumps.

So would there be any interest in a 1v1 tournament? Entries would be randomly paired and winner stays in to the next round till finally the 1v1 champion is crowned (or badged as it may be).

All game settings would have to be the same, we can discuss this once interest is gauged.



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Count me in

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I like this stuff.

In order to minimize randomness and maximize skill, I would suggest to play with experimenations off.
In case of dark galaxy, scanning 3, travel 2. capture 66% because any less can end too quickly.


Matts has also expressed interest.

Yep I’m in

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HULK thinks this is a SMASHING idea! :wink:

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I’d like to get at least 8 participants if possible :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a go :smile:

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I cant play unfortunately, but I can make sure the winner is given a tournament winner badge, and I think there is one for players who participated as well.

I will gladly join.

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I am also interested.

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Sounds Awesome. I’m in.

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I’m in.

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Absolutely, I’m in!

Yay great turnout, I’ll give I’ll look to set this up tomorrow night so there is still time if anyone else wants to join.

@JayKyburz I emailed you a couple of questions re setting up the tournament.

As I want to play I’m going to find an independent person to set the games up :slight_smile:

Proposed Game settings -

Ideally the games will be quick and fun so I propose the following settings

Small Galaxy
66% win condition
Medium starting distance
Plentiful resources
6h jump, 24h wait (with the assumption that the game will go much quicker than this but just as a safety in case shit happens)
research all standard
cheap gates

Great params - smart idea on the 24 hour wait just in case - we’ll have players in varying time zones and RL commitments and s-l-e-e-p! :wink:

I’ve recently played some mano-mano duels with someone in a time zone 9 hours away and it has worked GREAT as we are able to finish in a few days … just goes BOOM-BOOM-BOOM when we are both online and as long as both just submit when done, the “turn updated” Emails let you know when they are ready and vice-versa.

EDITED: Jay just added Mirrored Maps - how AWESOME is that - great suggestion LDG!

Looks like you’ll be able to get 16 players which is perfect for elimination - heck, maybe a double-elimination tournament? I have a family ski vacation this weekend, so hoping it will take until after then to get organized.

P.S. I’d love to play as Green! :wink:

sign me up

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Ok everyone we will look to start this on Sunday then. Jay is very kindly going to set up the maps for us.

Random.org has given me the following pairings.

@markwkidd V @Golden_Ace
@MattS V @doodydota
@Rosslessness V LDG
@MajorAwesome V @russbirchall
@leonardebaker V @Dysp
HULK V @sekoms

There is still time to join before Sunday although we will need to take players in pairs.

Format is winner stays on, the next tier will also be random.org’ed.

tagging @HULK separately, as apparently i can only tag 10 users in a post.