Earning victory points against AI

I’ve finally got around to tinkering with custom maps, partly to help test the recently upgraded AI and was shocked to find that I was awarded with a victory point at the end of the game - it feels dirty! My other victories were bloody hard earned against real people and, sad as it sounds, I feel proud of them. I’m sure most players feel the same way.

Now that the AI are smarter I predict a huge increase in people testing/practicing against them. I had fun yesterday creating a turn based game and being able to play through the game mega fast. Obviously it’s no substitute for playing against real people but it’s nice to have the option of a “single player” game.

So my point is, I think something needs to be put in place to stop being rewarded victory points in user created games where there are only AI players. It doesn’t feel right at all. For me it ruins the prestige of earning a victory and pretty much negates their purpose. Now when I see a player with 20+ victories I just wonder how many of them are “genuine”.

Heh, I thought of this myself. I canceled my single player game with the AI that I was playing for exactly that reason.

And I assure you, my 30 wins are all genuine :wink:

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People will game the system and stats if they want to, im really not too convinced its worth policing myself.

Ive played about 6 duels and won them (sometimes back and forth TB in a single nite) and got “victories” racked up that way even tho i personally dont count them as anything like the importance of winning a 64 for example. I think you just have to take into account rank and badges and renown altogether and try to paint a picture approximating the player. For instance if they have 30 victories, 100 rank and 10 renown…yea, those victories are BS wins.

And even still, if ppl wanted to, they could create 8 accounts, join a game, and give victory to their main as many times as they want. They could even give all their renown to their main. Cheaters gonna cheat, haters gonna hate, and ainters gonna aint.

I agree with your sentiments Valhallan, but I still feel this cheapens Victory points to the degree that something aught to be done… even if it’s a simple rule to check if there’s only 1 RL player, then don’t award any victory/rank points.