Enable/Disable Email Notifications Per Game

Generally speaking I don’t usually need email notifications for Real Time games. They are most useful for Turn Based (imo) but not when it’s come down to only a few players left and turns are coming thick and fast. Maybe I’ll set up a AI/Test game where I don’t need notifications either, etc…

I’d like to be able to manage notifications per game rather than just on or off for all please, surely I’m not the only one?

Maybe the main menu option could be the default for new games, but you can change it in the game options?

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Thanks again Steve, good idea. I’ll put something on the todo list. Should not be that hard, just need to look for the per game setting before checking for the global setting.

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Depending on how much detail vs. simplicity you want here you could also potentially have separate notification toggles for messages and/or cycles.