Enable/Disable Upgrades

Hiya, this may be obvious to experienced players but in the “Galaxy > Stars” screen what does the “Enable/Disable Upgrades” drop down do?

If enabled, it allows you to upgrade stars from the Galaxy screen (by clicking on the cost of the upgrade). If it’s disabled you have to go into the Star screen to perform upgrades.
I think it’s there to help prevent accidental upgrades.


When starting out learning how to play this game, it can be helpful to move the mouse and float over items or icons or different colors, experiment & click around to see what mouse hot spots that you can find and try to determine its effects.

A new player really can not be faulted for learning how to play ? right ?
Be sure to ask questions, either here on the forum, or sometimes a more experienced player might be friendly enough to offer some advice, maybe as an ally in-game.

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Got it! Thank you both!