End of production cycle


If I manage to finish research via my science points just at the end of production cycle, will I benefit from the higher level during that production time? Say, if I manage to finish banking, will I immediately get bigger income? What if experimentation manages to upgrade my banking?

Basically, in which order do I gain these during end of production cycle :

  • research points from science of stars
  • space dollars from economy of stars
  • research points from experimentation technology
  • space dollars from banking technology

According to this post, combat occurs before research is done. But what about these other things?


What order do things happen each game tick?

  1. All carriers move, and if they complete a jump they do garrison transfers.
  2. There is a combat at every star with enemy carriers in orbit. The winner claims the star.
  3. Industry then produces new ships.
  4. Each player conducts research.
  5. If this is the last tick of a galactic cycle, players earn money, then scientists conduct experiments.
  6. The game tests to see if anybody has won.



sorry, to clarify a bit,

you will get your research points and do reseach at stage 4.
Experimentation reseach points are a part of production at stage 5.

There is no such things as space dollars from reseach, the reseach just makes more money at each star, and this happens at stage 5.


space dollars from research: Banking technology, “On production, earn an additional X*$75 where X is banking tech level.”

OK, so research from stars gets done before technology effects are counted. And you first get cash from Banking then Experimentation is done. So while research points from stars may effect your Banking/Experimentation, research points from Experimentation can’t.

Btw, I didn’t note there even is FAQ because one needs to scroll down under those two images at help screen to get to “Can’t find what you are looking for? Try FAQ.” Consider putting it above those images, just under list of help topics.


Good idea. thanks Detros.


According to the discussion at Allow smaller increments for departure wait times drop/collect orders of carriers are done after industry makes new ships (after part 3, not during part 1) If it is so, can you update the FAQ, please?


Will do, thanks for tracking that down for me!