Enemy Total Coverage

Might this be useful or too much work for little reward?

Have an option to show (toggle?) the scan/rangle circles of all of a player’s stars at the same time so you can see their complete scan coverage/range. This might be especially useful for Proteus (espionage) but I think it would be useful for tactical planning for NP in general.

(Maybe if you left-click a star you see the individual star’s circles, right-click a star and you see the circles for all stars of that player? Matches nicely with the left/right-click options for messages.)

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probably too little reward, you can do the same thing just clicking through their stars and seeing their range with 5 seconds of work. sure you dont get to visually see what everyone else can see all at once but you can still see it fairly easily

It depends on the size of their empire but yes, seeing the coverage doesn’t take a whole lot of time. However, analysing their coverage tactically can take a lot of clicking back and forth between stars.

It’s not vital though, just thought I’d throw it out there. :slight_smile:

also adds less chance of human error, I can totally see why you would like it. and I would like it for the same. But I would add the flavor of misjudging something and causing you to scrabble to recover from your mistake. Better yet when the enemy makes a mistake in their analyzing of their tactical coverage and you take great advantage of it.

This was actually a feature of Neptune’s Pride 1 but lost it when I moved from Flash to HTML. I’ll have a think how I might be able to implement it in Proteus.

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