Error in combat


Had an issue were I had 2 units with a combined strength of around 3,400 against 2,400. One unit contained some Wolf Chariots so there would of been a ranged attack before combat. I was in a settlement (Mightysands).

The battle has taken place and the undead Orcs Survived 48 (1008 strength). One of my units was wiped completely, one survived. The settlement became blighted with 624 Orc bodies. So both undead and Orc survived the combat round. Nothing happened both units was just sat there until shortly after when I had another unit of 600 Orcs arrive and that fight is now being processed.

This is all very strange. I should of won with a 60% chance of survial according to stat before the initial fight. It’s disappointing as I woke myself at 2.30am to send the second unit back to the settlement.

Any idea’s?

Apologies, think I posted this in the wrong place.

Ok I think I know what’s happended. The fight with the 600 Ocrs took place, and its now processing the fight with one of the original units. I noticed it said the zombies was moving so I suspect my unit stopped outside of the settlement. I must of inadvertantly stopped them from arriving. What a jib.