Event Log Missing Records of Recent Battles (possible bug?)


I’m in a 32 player turn-based game and there were a number of battles over the prior turn that appear not to have been recorded at all. (Planets were that were mine were suddenly not, with no records of conflict.) It only became blatantly obvious the last turn, but I’d seen signs of it in prior turns.

I couldn’t see that this was a known issue, so I don’t know if this is new, or perhaps I’m missing something critical about how events are reported on the log?


I have searched this forum and Jay’s Trello NP2 and could not find it.

However, I was in a game, and another player described the same problem.

I think what is happening is you did not have any ships garrisoned on those stars that you lost, so the enemy claimed those stars from you without combat ? Am I guessing correctly ?

@JayKyburz should add this as a bug that needs to be fixed. When stars are lost by combat against 0 ships, there should be combat report.

I usually always make sure to leave some ships to defend against nearby enemies. In the Options, I set
Default Action = Garrison 1 ship , to utilize the defender first strike advantage.


Given how quickly my ships were being built, that doesn’t seem likely.

Also, this turn some of the messages appeared–a tick late; but not everything processed, so definitely a bug with how event logs are reporting in turn based games.


Perhaps if you could provide the hyperlink to your game or post some screenshots,
Maybe @JayKyburz could troubleshoot it ?


Yes, Thanks @xjhdexter It might help me track down what the problem was if I had some more information.

I have heard that the server can sometimes have a hiccup and lose some event data. It should not be an ongoing thing though.


Hey, this is the game:


I’m kinda busy working at the moment, so I don’t really have the time to take screen shots.

And apparently, the data wasn’t lost. It’s that some of the event log posts are happening a whole tick after the event happens and is observable on the map.


This game “Diamond Dogs and Blackstars” is a turn based 24 hour turn wait & 24 tick jump game.

A lot of events messages can happen in a 24 tick jump. Jay, I do not know whether that has anything to do with the problem ? Players have reported needing to hit the BACK and NEXT buttons a lot on the Diplomacy screen and Events tab to read all the messages from that kind of tick jump.


Yikes, yes, I need to improve the interface for these kinds of games!



Since you say the data is not lost, but delivery to your device is not complete,
I want suggest these work-arounds for you to try out :
You may have already tried some of these ?

Click again on the Diplomacy tab or Events tab or the envelope icon.
Do the events listings refresh and reload ?

Go away to a different screen either Galactic Intel or Leaderboard,
then hit “I” shortcut key or click the envelope icon to go back to the Events tab.
Do the events listings refresh and reload ?

Clicking on the CREDITS & PRODUCTION due time will reload all game data.
Do the events listings complete loading ?

In the browser, hit F5 to reload the game web page.
Do the events listings complete loading ?

check your browser option settings for the cache size limit,
is it too small ?

Report back here, to help Jay troubleshoot.


Unfortunately, I’m no longer in a game that large to be able to effectively test it. I’ll try to keep it in mind for the future.

That said, I mostly play this game on my desk or laptop rather than my phone so I can use a MUCH larger screen size, plus there’s a proverbial shit-ton of ram.

Though again, I’ll double check.


another trick I try, is I wait 30 - 90 seconds, and then repeat my previous steps above.

I sometimes wonder whether the server might be busy talking to other players’ devices, so I delay and try again.


I don’t think I have a limit to my cache size – surely the limit is in the multiple GBs.

When I was navigating to and from the events/communication tab, the results of events displayed were consistent each time within short spans of time.

The next production tick, events that should have been reported in the events tab at prior tick appeared in the list.

Anyhow hope this helps a little at least. Been out of town and just completed a slightly inebriated solar lap, so… :slight_smile:


One thing that would really help identify missing event log posts would be a time-stamp on each event. Currently only trade seems to display a time stamp.