Experimentation Tweak


For me experimentation is always the first research item I get. It give’s you a good start in games, but over time becomes less and less valuable. So I’d like to suggest a tweak.

As well as it’s current ability I propose that each level of experimentation reduces the cost to transfer a technology by $5.

For example a player with experimentation level 3 could transfer weapons level 2 for $15
A player with experimentation level 4 could transfer weapons level 4 for $40

A minor tweak, but it adds a little bit of complexity for the larger alliance games, and no one likes paying money for tech trades,

RP wise, a by product of your experimentation is improved communication and data transfer techniques.



This was suggested for Banking too, already.
Experimentation could for example reduce the total RP needed for a tech to research.

Many suggestions, but not easy to balance.