Fan Made Creations


I think it will be a good idea to separate such topic now.
Share here any videos, art, music - anything you want to show us.

I’ll share my first ever almost serious YouTube video.

I would like you to write, what I should improve and what format you would like to see.
Short videos, consisting only important things? Showing how I choose cards and what I think 'bout particular deck building? Tactics I want to use?
More serious gameplay? Shut up and don’t talk? Background music?
Anything? :smiley:


I think a hour long video is a bit of a long sit so perhaps a cut to more important scenes in the game plus a voice over would be best.
However I do like your in-depth knowledge and jargon of the game and you should deffo keep that.
Perhaps some light music in the background, nothing to distracting. Something fantasy-e to fit the mood :slight_smile:

Otherwise, good vid!


This is very exciting @Anderty, I’m looking forward to watching it this morning!


Hey, I can’t stress enough how great this video is for us as developers. Its really great to see how other people play your game, how they use the interface, how they make decisions.

Talking out loud is really good as well so that know what you are thinking. I’m watching now at normal speed because its fun to follow along.


Hey, did you know you can right click to give a unit a move order? Do you play with mouse or trackpad?

Haha has a good ending too. A single Zombie Elf gets a massive Blind Justice blast to the face.


I’m thinking on that as well. Other idea I had is to use video key frames (time codes) so watchers could forward to interesting things. It is a problem for mobile devices, though.

Thx! I still don’t say all I think, though. Sometimes I have moments of quite analysis and decision making.

Yes. And double click also I know. It’s just my fetish to push the buttons. :smiley:
About experience on touchscreen display devices I’ll write later in suggestions.


Here goes the second one! With my original voice and much shorter video.


Another great video, thanks Anderty. These are really really usefull to us developers.

I also want to let everybody know that if you post a video like this to you tube and share it around I will fix you up with Lifetime Premium and heaps of Hero Coins.


And here goes long one. Sorry, wanted to publish it at Thursday, but had hard work with PC, could not leave it for rendering.


Hey Great news Anderty! I will watch it while I work today!

Thanks again for these. Can’t say how much I love seeing these!


Hey Anderty, at the 23 min mark where the ocs dont respond to the hound master, was that from before I fixed the bug, when you pm’ed me the short video?


Yep, it is same moment. I recorded some games a while ago. One more will be like that, then I’ll record with new updates and new sweet campaign design. It seems unfinished though.


Yes, Penny has to do some more mission descriptions for them. Is that what you mean?

I picked up two bugs I need to fix, where the valour cost didn’t return to normal when you killed the queen of lies with ranged, and that bug where the card got stuck in your hand after if was already deployed.

edit: one of the best features of the videos is capturing these bugs for me to see.

I have to try and fix all the little bugs that you have to refresh to fix, you should not have to refresh.


Hey Also, I think the Blind Justice needs to use a lot more of your Valour. Its fun to have a really powerfull ranged attack, but I think its over powerd and a bit silly to just have those gnostic mages stacked up on her and fire it over and over again.

I would like to see here even more powerfull, but use a lot more of your valour.

There might be a bug there because your valour was not reducing at all as you used it.


It was reducing. It always does. But rule of thumb is that you use her against things, which give same amount of valour after killing. That’s why it doesn’t change.


You could nerf Gnostic Mage a bit by adding a counter that each time the Gnostic Mage operates, it adds an additional 5% chance that “refueling” the mage will actually kill the mage. So on the 5th time of operating against a particular mage, there’s a 25% chance that it will kill the mage.


I think I would like to change the Blind Justice so that he does a lot more damage, but drains all of your valour!

I also like the idea of nerfing the Gnostic Mage as well. I do like the idea that it has a chance to killing the mage. Perhaps just a flat rate of 5 or 10% so you dont have to keep track of how many times you have done it.


Ok, but even though there is a theoretical 10% bye-bye rate on the Little Wizard, I’ve lost heroes two out of the last three times I’ve used him since the change. I’d be curious to see whether that’s happened to others.

It would be interesting for your system to keep track of stats like that automatically on the back-end so that you could check and say “Ok, Little Wizard power was used 478 times in the last seven days, and 63 times resulted in a banishment.” That sort of thing would let you know when something is out of whack.


Blind Justice is definitely the meta, and I agree it needs changed. In recent games I see more and more players—regardless of their starting race—sprinting to human settlements to spam them. In MP games, players can pool and pass around the valor, take turns with their BJs, and it really gets silly.

I don’t see a problem with the gnostic mage though. I’m pretty sure Anderty only used them because he didn’t have more blind justices in his collection. If GM really is a problem, maybe just consider raising the mana cost. The cool down period and range (of 0) are pretty strong restrictions as is.

This might be fun: