First 32-user game started: 6/12 turn for Premium Players

First 32-user game open for play here

Jay was nice enough to enable 32-user games per discussion in this thread:


I happened to notice that in the 32-user game, you can only reward 16 points of renown. This might be by design … but just an FYI to Jay in case a bug.

Am also hoping that it is possible to do a mail-all (i.e. bump the limit from 16 to 32) … adds to the game play to have everyone on a chat thread.

I was only able to give 16 points in a 64 player game. I found that very difficult due to the way I like to award points, and the vast number of people with whom I had interactions.

We are still looking to fill 20 slots to get this game started. (Bump!)