First Official Hypergame!

Hello my fellow space faring races, I hope you have all been succesfull in your conquest of the many galaxies of the Neptune’s Pride universe up till now but a great discovery has been made, a new type of galaxy has been formed. A galaxy where everything happens in super speed. Will your people be up to the task of conquering these new galaxies? Join the next hypergame to find out!

What is a hypergame? A hypergame is a custom game in Neptune’s Pride with a tickrate of 1/min. Due to the fast pace the game is played in two hour sessions once per week and communication with other players is done in voice calls in a dedicated discord server.

The next game is set to start in the beginning of July so fill in the google form below to sign up and join the discord server. Be quick because there is only limited time before the next game starts and signups close June 29th.

google form; Full Hypergame 1 planning

discord server; NP HYPERGAME SERVER

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Sounds crazy, but fun at the same time.
Any ideas about what the starting rules would be?

Ah some test games have already been done and currently the rules are this;

All starting tech is level 2
15 tick production cycle
circular map, 32 stars per player
double starting cash and infrastructure compared to a “normal” 64P
trade scan enabled
8 starting stars

Any update on this?

Yeah the game started two weeks ago, it’s going well. Sad you couldn’t join though.