Future of Neptunes Pride

Is there some information on the future content for NP? I am aware that there is some kind of test for NP2 but i have been playing for 2 years on and off and i haven’t seen any news on it releasing any time soon.

I am excited for this game, it’s really one of a kind and was wondering if someone has any news to share? I’m sure a lot of other people would be interested in hearing about what Jay has planned for the future as well.

Actually, you have been playing NP2 this whole time!

There is an experimental game type that premium players can try out on the website now. Its kind of 2.5

I’m trying to work out what to do about NP3 now. Its all very up in the air. I might make the game a real app instead of in the browser. I might make it so that you can run servers at home yourselves.

Suggestions welcomed!


I can tell you from my perspective, if you are keeping future versions as happening real time over many days/weeks, having the flexibility to play on a PC or mobile device is critical. Being a browser based game makes it ideal for people that want to stay active at work, at 3am for 5 min to send weapons to allies, etc. when you may not have access to a PC.

Of course you da man, but that’s my 2 cents at least on platform!

Also - in the discord server there are probably a dozen developers who do work on addons that would probably jump at the opportunity to help you spread the workload so it’s not all on you.