Galactic Credits and Neptune's Pride on Mobile

Hey Guys,

In an effort to improve the badge system, I have been working on adding Galactic Credits back into the game. People who enjoy rewarding good players will be able to buy a pack of credits and spend them dishing out the badges.

It really sucked that you have to login to paypal every time, and if you didn’t have a paypal account you needed to re-enter your credit card details. Also, paypal takes a minimum of 30c per card transaction!

Its a big job, but I have be restructuring all of the games back end monetization so that I can accept both PayPal and Stripe on the Web, and the custom solutions for Apple, Google and Amazon when on their phones and tablets.

I don’t have plans to extend the Galactic Credit system beyond badges at this time, but I can imagine a future where you can join a premium game using a galactic credit instead of having a premium account.

Galactic Credits will never be used to give players an in game advantage!

There might be a week or two where you can see the interface for buying credits but know know what they are for. Please rest assured I’m not making the game a pay-to-win or otherwise ruining the game!


Will you still leave the option to purchase badges individually?

No, but I could provide an option to buy just a few credits at a time.