Game turns happening randomly?

I had an NP2 game going with six people, and everything suddenly went awry about two weeks ago. Turns started happening a lot, like the timestamps on many of my “turn ready” emails are only one minute apart. Several of us had become AIs because we kind of lost track of things, could that be why? We all ended up being AIs pretty quickly after this started, since no one had any time to submit turns when they were flying by only a few minutes/hours apart. Now the game has ended, but it says one person won in one place, and in another place it said another person one. Is this an issue with people going AI or a bug? It basically destroyed our game, but I’ve never experienced anything like this with NP before.

Hi @optimisticziggurat.

Do you know if the game was created by another player? Or was it one of the official games that went haywire.

Its possible that the games creator just started forcing turns.

Thanks for the quick response! I was the game creator, and I wasn’t forcing turns. I thought maybe it was because AI me was forcing turns, but it was happening when I wasn’t an AI too.

It might help if you could send some screenshots, I’ve never heard of that happening before.