Gathering Volunteers


Hey All, we have seen some players walking around with Volunteers in their armies. I was just looking at the code but can’t see how they are doing it.

Anybody know the bug that I should fix?


As of a few weeks ago there was a bug where on the client side you could get the game to merge units not on the same 5% step. It would quickly result in the red reload data screen and they wouldn’t be merged after re-syncing the data.
could that be related?
has that bug been fixed while I’ve been ill?


I haven’t seen this, but I do make heavy use of Volunteers so I’ll spend some time this weekend seeing if I can get one to join me illegitimately .


I have to admit I am guilty of abusing this one…

Basically you just click off the unit when it comes up; It’ll stay in the town as a volunteer until you either accept or reject it; by default the volunteer comes up as owned by the player who claimed the town. If you use a second unit that you own legitimately you can pick up the volunteer unit as a follower and move it around; but you’re still not able to use it’s power. It only adds attack power.

EDIT: I can also confirm that it does not get added to your library.


Hrm, strange, when I was testing it did not belong to the player (it’s not supposed to).


Basically the crux of the problem is that you can add them as followers to your armies.


they should be independent like other neutral armies.


When he first popped up he was neutral, after a time jump it showed that I owned him. In multi-player it will show that you own the unit almost right away; not sure exactly when.


As a follow up… here you can see that once I own them they will move with me; but I still can’t use their power.


ahhh, I know now, it was when I added some code so that when neutral armies flee away from thier homes because the nightmare lord, they return to the nearest town, and if you own the town they become yours.

THanks for helping me work it out!


No problem… Here’s my game link if you want to spy on the back end.


I know this is an old thread, but I feel that if you pay a Hero Coin to add them to your deck, they should also join your forces.


Hrm, in the new system, all volunteers automatically join your forces, then at any time before you die you can add them to your collection. Is there a bug somewhere?


Odd. I’m going through some SP games for speed while waiting on MP games and the Volunteers (red exclamation point), and in the last one the Volunteers would follow armies.


I think there’s a volunteer bug currently, I just got one and I can’t interact with it at all. When I get to my desktop I’ll check for JS errors and make a bug report if it’s still happening.


Thanks DrBwaa


Not reproducing on desktop. Refreshing the whole page seems to have cleared up the issue on mobile as well, so I probably just had a stale client.

Edit: There is a bug though; see the bugs thread.