Gentleman Badge


An opponent was honourable when I made a mistake. I’d like to award him a “Gentleman” badge with Top Hat, Cane and Gloves. Could one be made please.

Thank you. I hope any females playing won’t find this sexist. If so is there a better badge that would express the same sort of sentiment?


Since all woman are gentle by nature. You mean using something like this as the badge?

(don’t lynch me :P)


Monocle. Works well on all sexes.



I like it but just a bit more androgynous perhaps?


Have a look at the two icons on the bottom here, which works better.

I promised Golden Ace the top one a while ago. I will try and get it in today or tomorrow.


actually, I have this merit badge already lined up.

Might use it for the thumbs up if that’s ok.


I think the thumbs up is fine, and love the idea of the badge!


The middle image needs to happen. It just does :stuck_out_tongue: I like the idea of a gentleman badge and for that the second to last one looks nice.


Top hat with monocle and tache is awesome.


Dietrich in a top hat. Classic.


@JayKyburz , did you add a Barbarian badge ?

EDIT : opps ! corrected hyperlink.


No, I did go looking for an icon but I couldn’t find one I liked,


lol, I was just looking through my old documents the other day and found this. I still want to be able to buy people an asshat badge:


I found something that might do a better job than an asshat badge