Gettings only 6 stars in a game where settings say 7



I’m just starting a new game (

The game hasn’t start yet, but the score board say that 2 players already have only 6 start. when the game settings say 7. More over, those guys also have only 60 ships instead of 70.

My guess so far about this bug : because we are very close to each others, at the generation of the game, he created all the star, and then affect starts to players. At the moment if affect stars, it either double affect the star to a player ( the last player get the affectation), or it doesn’t affect a star because it’s already taken, but entering this condition doesn’t affect another one.

I guess ships are populated on star after the star affectations, which explain the 60 over 70 here.

gl debugging.


Yep, the Home Star Distance: Close causes this. Been a bug for a while.

From what I can tell the game lays out the stars in a random spread then deletes stars which overlap or are too close to each other. If those stars would have been player starting stars… well too bad.