Giants Overpowered?


I’ve just gotten into Blight and love it. Just bought my first round of Hero Coins.

Overall, I’ve found the game to be quite balanced and thus far bug-free. That said, I’ve experience something in Wolfstead Way, that leads me to believe Giants are too powerful.

Closing in on the end-game, I was holding off two Immortal armies of 18,000 and 3,000 by using four Tree Whispers to continually freeze them. Meanwhile, I was slowly amassing a challenging army and was at about 10,000. By hitting the trapped armies with Elven Longbows, I kept recharging my Mana and I was looking like I would slowly be able to bleed them out.

Then, in walked 3 Giants at around 1,500 strength. I didn’t have a charged up Tree Whisper to Tangle them, but figured my 10K army would clean house with them and it would be a minor set-back. Next thing I knew both the Giants and my 10K army are gone in one turn. I thought for sure it was a bug and was about to report it, when I clicked on the Inbox and checked the Combat log. There it was: Three Giants with a strength of 11K(!) has wiped out my 10K army of 557 Humans and Elves…

I was not pleased, but read the card on the Giant to learn that the Battle Rage buff = X * 2, where X is the number of living and dead within 1 league on top of their default 500 strength. They’re basically atom bombs, as the buff runs 24/7. It was academic.

I understand the desire to have a much stronger character, but believe the buff needs to be tweaked by reducing the multiplier from 2 to 1. At the very least, it should only count friends or enemies, but not both.

What do people think? Reasonable or do I just need to suck it up?


P.S. Don’t get me started on the Gryphons, but I’ll save that for another post.


I think the idea with giants is that they are very strong adversaries when you throw a large force of soldiers at them, or if they are travelling with a large force of undead. The key to beating them is to isolate them, or to take them on with a few strong units (dragons, hydras, marsh princes, etc) They are easily dealt with, just not the conventional brute force method.

I feel like a lot of the blighted monsters force a different strategy in killing them, much like undead bosses. Giant slaying is all about entangling the hoard they travel with, or luring them off on their own with dragon helm knights, hound masters, etc. Not to say that they aren’t downright terrifying. We have games where a walking army with a few blighted giants is a march of impending doom. Being able to smite them from range (or their allies around them) is also a good way whittle them down in power.

My advice is to just think of the different strategies to deal with monsters. Blighted griffons, while fast, can be killed relatively easy with a lot of ranged attacks given their relatively weak overall power. And they can seldom cross toe to toe with a legitimate army (if you can predict where they’ll be flying). The key to them is forecasting the closest blighted settlements to where they will be flying to, and just drop 1 or two fighting units to keep them flying (and dying).


Disagree. The Blighted Giants got you because you were blindsided by their power, not because they were overpowered. You could’ve used CC, except it was on cooldown. Although the buff is up 24/7, its value is only changed once every 24 hours. That gives your army a 24-hour window to move in and kill them before the buff registers their presence.

And as Diaphanous said, build a few strong forces for them.


…wait till you fight a stack on Blighted Dragons. Even knowing what they can do… ugh. Those guys are the WORST! :slight_smile:


Fair enough. Thanks MikeLemmer for clarifying the subtle detail that their value is set only upon activation of the power. I’d assumed it changed as they moved. Thank goodness, it only works within a league…

Amazingly, I did manage to win the game (only 9%) despite being grossly outnumbered. Tree Whispers + Elvin Archers + Pool Priestess are a powerful combination if you’re willing to be patient.