Gifting premium to myself

Hi, I just noticed that it looks like the game doesn’t prevent you from gifting premium to youreself, but I just wanted to make sure, is it actually possible, or not?

The reason why anyone would want that is for a lifetime license, you can either get it for $48, or you can get 50 credits for $45, gift, and then also have 2 more credits remaining for badges for people.

Just to make it clear: I’m not bargaining for the $3 that this saves, just a funny loophole I noticed and wanted to ask if it’s actually possible or not.

As far as I’m aware, you can’t buy premium with credits.

Do you mean for Neptune’s Pride?

Yeah, neptune’s pride, I put it into tags, but forgot to mention in the question, sorry.

Haha, I completely forgot that was a thing!

For anyone wondering, this doesn’t work, it just says “you can’t buy badges for yourself” (or, at least, gifting yourself 1 month of premium, haven’t tested lifetime, as I don’t have the money for that, unfortunately):
So good job on foreseeing this lol.