"Gray Universe"

Would be useful to have another type of galaxy. It’s something like the dark galaxy but you will see the stars position. You won’t see who own them (unless in your scan range).


If I am not mistaken there was “silent galaxy” once in the game (experimental or something like that). I would also like this kind of galaxy.

This is how Proteus games have worked (seeing stars but not owners unless in scan), so you’ll get your wish as soon as Jay gets back to working on NP2(3?)

I hope that’s an option, not a default!

I fully concur with this. I’ve been kicking something similar around for a while. you see the stars but have no idea who owns them until you are in scanning range. love it.



I was actually about to suggest (this having completely forgotten about this thread). luckily the forums let you know about similar posts. :smiley:

I also think this would be a good option, all stars outside of your scan range can look like a vacant star, so early game you don’t even know if a star is occupied or not by another player

emphasis on good “option”. It would be a total game changer, so for those who like to lay out a plan from the get go - not so much.