I accidentally completely nuked Hazey from existence when he asked me to help delete his account. All his posts and comments and all.

Apologies if this is annoying.


I noticed. I was wondering what had happened, thanks for the update.

Hazey just seemingly got really pissed and went on a rant for being called out. Called out might even be too strong of a phrase. Held accountable, maybe? Anyway, big meltdown. I think we’re better off this way. He wasn’t very community minded.

Kind of troll behaviour. For future readers, if someone else does not experience the bugs you are experiencing, dont start calling them names or questioning their credibility. Just say, good for you.

I didnt think about this until later, and I cant really reference his post now… but I wonder if the one issue he was having with the warpgates eta was that the warp eta estimate does not always reflect the correct time and will occasionally show the same time as normal speed. The fleet speed is still actually warped, but occasionally the eta will not read out correctly within the fleet path itself. I dont think I’ve ever had an issue when using the range calculator, so i typically switch over to that if it’s happening. I know I’ve experienced that before, and dont really worry about it simply due to experience and trusting the system. I can’t remember exactly if it only happens when you have a fleet routed and then build additional warpgates, but it always refreshes eventually.

I think his claim was that the carrier actually moved slower, but I wonder if the above happened and it freaked him out but maybe he didnt actually track how fast the carrier was moving.