Help. My star map graphics have gone weird


In both my Neptune’s Pride 2 Triton games my stars used to appear as a solid block of the same colour as their owner.

Now pink stars have just a few pink speckles to the right of the star. Previously yellow stars are surrounded by blobs and streaks of multiple colours. Previously blue stars have a blue crescent round the top half of the star. In other words something has messed up the star map graphics. All other screens appear normal.

Any advice on how to fix this most gratefully received.

Update. Switched browser to Explorer and everything is fine.

The problem occurs with Chrome so I guess some setting is wrong in Chrome. But I dunno which.


The problems you are experiencing are the result of Chmmr weapon’s testing, as we have perfected a method to make the enemy believe systems that he in fact owns, are owned by someone else and vice versa. The resulting confusion creates circumstances in which ally will attack ally unknowingly. If fact the weapon is so efficient, that we recently bombarded our own home world with anti-matter warheads thinking that it was someone elses…silly us.

In an effort to help you with this problem, we will endeavor to locate your home world Cwimweeper and bombard it with anti-matter warheads until your problem is ‘fixed’. Hope that helps.



I have this on Safari (iphone5). Just started today as well.


There is a texture with all the star shapes on it. Sounds like it is not rendering correctly. Its possible that the texture got corrupted in your browser cache.


Thanks, Jay.

Looks like your diagnosis was correct because clearing my browser data solved the problem.


thanks for letting me know.