Hero Coin Farming

Anyone want to run some custom multiplayer games together? I was thinking that we could do 6 hours every 30 seconds, run through a few games, and get some hero coins really quickly. Just let me know when you are free, and we can try it out once and see how quickly we can get some stars. More players would be better, but I think we can do this with even 2 total.

How about I just fix you up with some free coins?

That way you dont need to grind and my servers dont get hammered.

If you like playing fast games, go ahead.

If you are only playing for coins just email me. jay@ironhlmet.com.

If it is that big of a performance concern, then I guess I won’t do it. But getting coins is part of the fun. So no, I don’t want free coins.

No, not a performance concern, please feel free to enjoy yourself. I just hate to see players grinding when they are not really enjoying themselves.

I really like playing a whole game in a single sitting as if the game was turn-based. Thats why our next game colossus is turn based only :slight_smile:

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Then the offer still stands. If anyone wants to grind, just let me know when you’ll be free!

Just sayin, the real time multiplayer is what makes this game special. I can hardly play single player anymore.