Hi I'm new and how long till afk kick?

Like topic says hi new to this game started a couple of days ago and joined a multiplayer game since then. I get that it’s lenient but how long do we wait for the I actives in the game to be kicked? Also can we just get their resources split between the 2 active remaining as we have claimed basicly everything around them on sanctuary. It’s been over 2 days since games start and they haven’t done anything apart from their opening moves which the one didn’t even do.
Just curious
And hi again :slight_smile:

Sadly, there’s a whole class of players who log in once a day without contributing just to collect the coins at the end.

This one abandoned her towns (she didn’t even turn them over to another player) and actually suicided her units at the start of the game:

I am obviously not opposed to publicly shaming (nor for developing my own blacklist), but I’d like to see some other alternative as well.

It’s really not good if public games start failing because too many players are just along for the ride/ AFK 24-7:

I’ve indicated this before, but I’ll say it again: I know there are a number of tight knit groups that play this game together, but there are vastly more players who are strangers to one another—especially now that the game has gone public. If a new player initially joined the game above and saw all the other players idle, there’s a good chance they don’t bother to play again.

Imho, the game needs a stronger in-game social fabric/ infrastructure. There needs to be a way (e.g. a guild system) for players to meet, organize, and develop strategies together outside the battlefield.

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Wow, I haven’t seen this myself but I’m not surprised that it’s started to happen now that we’re on Steam.

I have a few half-baked ideas about how to lessen this, because I agree that this is a definite turn-off to new players. Hopefully someday I’ll get a chance to think them through all the way (or at least “mostly”), and then I’ll put them here on the forums.

At the moment, the most success I’ve had in finding reliable players outside my own friends is just by setting up password-protected games and advertising here on the forums. Until a real trans-game social infrastructure is built (which is a huge project), that’s likely the best we can do (and I guess Steam Communities, now).