How about a debt engine?


Just about every state and nation we live in carries debt of some sort.

How about the empires we build in this game ?

I see a few options for Debt :

1 . Monopoly mortgage model. Econs can be mortgaged for a small amount (maybe $15)
Industry (maybe $35) and Science (maybe $75) . Mortgaged infrastructure items require no interest, but produce nothing until the mortgage is paid, or the star is captured by another player.

  1. SimCity Model. Infrastructure keeps producing , but you got to pay interest (rating agency considers amount borrowable, war activity status) for the floating interest rates you get.

  2. Real estate model, borrow up to 80% of the value mortgaged, nonpayment subjects your infrastructure to forclosure

Pros :
Debt can make this game more interesting for the veterans.

The complexities are likely to discourage the newbies, who already have a steep learning curve.

  1. Sword of the stars model. debt is a displayed by negative credits on the main screen and is auto paid when you get paid… plus an additional ten percent; with a max debt equal to you eco x 10…

well that’s sort of how it worked with some Triton terms thrown in…