How do I create an official partnership?

How do I create an official partnership? This is the question for this thread. I want to create an official PAD with my friends, I searched on The forums and help sections have covered the game but I still don’t understand it.

Hey Tevin. Some custom games have “Formal Alliances” enabled that allow for official alliances. You pay some credits and both parties have to accept, and then you have shared vision, can transit through each other’s stars, and if you want to turn on your ally, you have to click a button to declare war and break the alliance with a built-in waiting period. If you’re in one of these games, go to the information screen for the player you want an alliance with and scroll down to see a section that will say something like, “Request Alliance.” I realize that you need premium to create games - if that’s the case, take a look and try enabling it in the game creation screen.

In regular games, this option is not enabled by default. There is no official alliance system built into the game - it is all a matter of diplomacy, honour, and the risk that someone will heartlessly stab you in the back.

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