How many games do you play at once?


I used to play only 1 game at a time, and sometimes felt like I needed a month or 2 off after finishing! Recently I’ve been upping my dose like some kind of space junkie, and I now have 4 games open… and yes I do work full time and I’m married so it’s not like I have nothing to do with my life! I guess after a while you get into routines so doesn’t take as long to make moves.

Anyway, I want to know what’s the highest number of games anyone has managed to successfully play at once =)


Right after getting premium I tried 7 games at once (+1 blight game)… will not be doing that again. I managed to win a few, but the amount of time it took up! :scream:

Currently playing 4, but 2 are very slow games (TB 8H jumps) and 1 is end-game losing, I am just sending money to another alliance member.


Three is my limit. Normally staggered, one just starting, one just ending.


I’m doing 4, 3 turn-based and one real-time, and they keep me busy enough. Tried a quad-speed real-time game last week. Man, that was frenetic and I lost quite a bit of sleep.


Currently six, which is way over my head. But there’s a few where I started late and won’t be doing mcuh more than support work, so it’s more like I’m playing five, and one isn’t started yet, so technically four active games.


I play only turn-based games, 24 hour max for each turn. I went up to 6-7 games at the same time, but got a bit burnt out as I was in a tough spot in 2 of them and it dragged on for ages, so I downscaled to 3-4 now.


One`64-player at a time is quite enough for me.


Pretty much turn-based only for the Jolly Green Giant.

I am only in two games right now - was leading this one until the most recent turn … but the writing was on the wall several cycles ago that I was going down - Digitspi and 3Rebos have played well and I’m going to get crushed soon.

I’ve actually been trying to scale back on NP so I’ll only sign up for a game if it looks pretty compelling. Time to let the younger generation create carnage in the universe! :wink:


I normally only play at most 3 games at a time, staggered like @Rosslessness does it. Turn-based only. The thing is, I’m always wanting more. Even when I know a game hadn’t advanced to the next turn, I’m constantly checking it and that borders on obsessiveness. So I’m thinking about joining more to satisfy my addiction.


most at one time? 7. that was a mistake. right now, one game at a time.


I once had 6 going. As Ace said, that was a mistake. Currently 2 and I have no plans to play more than that at a time unless outcomes are determined and we’re playing out the game.


I had 11 going at most. I like a lot of reps. TB is not so bad but RT was an issue. It was hard to stay consistent, especially at end game, which put ally(s) in bad spot sometimes. Not that I wanted to for the load but out of respect to other players I scaled back on RT. If I take a few months off from work I’d max out on RT. :stuck_out_tongue: One thing to note is I never quit or go AFK at the inconvenience of my allies. (I can’t remember the last time I didn’t play till the bloody end.) Currently I’m in 5 TB and plan to jump in a couple more.

Maybe having a new type of map where players jump into established scenarios. Setup could be If one had the ability to bookmark a juicy mid game scenario they’re in so they could go back and restart as a new map from there. Players could choose to play the same map from a different player’s position if they choose. Might be interesting. Just spit balling really.


@Burt - That’s a really cool idea!

How many games are you playing?

That’s a cool idea so long as people can’t keep joining as the game progresses. Doesn’t sound like that’s your proposal though. I like the idea.