I would really love an "undo" button

This is on my list, but I think it might be a largish task. Thanks for the feedback that you really want it though. I might need to do is sooner rather than later.


I’d love this. Just was trying to award a badge and gave the wrong one. :frowning:

I gave two of the same to the same guy for not having a confirmation button…

I’ve given techs to the enemy on a few occasions by accident.

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I added a confirmation for tech trading just the other week. I will do badges soon too.


Yea, I saw the confirmation - that’s good stuff!

I bought 5 science on the same star today which spent most of my money. I guess I had my finger on the touch pad too long. I blame Windows 10 but that is incredibly frustrating. It’s basically a wasted cycle.

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Hey there Stu! :smile:

I’ve had the above problems on my own computers, really annoying! If your touchpad has hardware buttons I would suggest disabling the tap-to-click functionality.

I find upgrading from the Galaxy screen to be safer. When you build from there it does a full map render between clicks (this is a performance bug). This artificially slows down the buying process making it harder to buy lots of stuff. It also keeps the sort order between purchases.

@JayKyburz Functionality to undo everything done this turn would be easier to add and still useful in the really bad cases.

What about if we were to add a 5-10 second delay before any orders were dispatched to the server. That way you could cancel before they were sent to the server.

I added a full turn undo for Blight in single plater by just saving the game in the databse before you jump ahead in time

If you’re thinking what I think your thinking, a client-side only solution, it’s not a bad idea. Though it may be better to allow choosing, under account settings, have it as it currently is or completely manual, a big shiny commit button, rather than have timers (the horror :scream: *). If you start involving client side timers causing server side changes you get stuff like sleeping laptops causing problems. *

Another option is to hold them in the session variables on the server, say pending-changes. A reset order would dump the pending-changes variable. This would mean pending-changes would need to be send down when the page is (re)loaded and integrated into the data.

* I’m biased

haha, checkout np.onServerRequest at line 935 of game.js. The game already waits 5 seconds before sending some orders so that if you spam a bunch of upgraded on the galaxy screen, they get sent as one order.

What fay said!

Count me as a vote against timers.
Honestly, I don’t mind the way it is now. I’ve had my occasional derps and wasted turns, but all preventable. In each case, I felt I was being punished for bad play, not for an unfair disadvantage or fault in the game. Stay focused or bear the consequences.

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Undo would be great. I inadvertantly beefed up industry on the wrong star ( a star that was pending takeover by hostiles) when using my phone and it really sucked.

It might be helpful if all ( or most or many ? ) user commands were temporarily stored into a buffer array on the server, and there was a UI button that allows the player to see the differences before and after. This could allow user to make corrections ? At the tick transition or turn jump, all orders are committed and the buffer is dumped to update to the server.

This is not the same quite thing as the time slider in Subtifuge, but allows the user to see one tick or turn jump into the future, and possibly make corrections.

This feature would not buffer emails or tech trades, because these directly interact with other players.

This could sound like a lot of work and changes for Jay to make.

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I too would vote against a timer - keep the game speedy. Just a “full undo” (as Jay has already implemented in Blight) would be adequate … then in the rare cases where you screw up, you just redo the build.


I think this Feature Request, a revertible buffer for the UI, should be incrementally implemented as part of on-going maintenance. Each UI item should be user slide-able, to allow the player to change his mind, up until tick transition or turn jump.

Maybe this should include tech trades as well, since there would need to be a way to revert accidental mouse click for those also ? The recipient could receive an email that a tech trade is pending / reverted, but not receive the actual tech trade until committed at tick transition or turn jump ?

Revertible buffered UI should work fine when the player is controlling their own empire.

Currently, it is theoretically possible to trade tech across the entire galaxy within less than 1 tick.

But with Revertible buffered UI, player to player interactions would be delayed staggered tick-by-tick across the galaxy.
The benefit is that transactions could be taken back by correction, but the cost is that transactions are delayed until the tick transition.

So maybe for player-to-player interactions, there could be a commit or confirm button, that allows verification confirmation. This would satisfy the need to be able to make corrections, allowing an “UNDO” for tech trades or cash trades.

There is a confirmation button for tech trades now, if I recall. I think this was a good solution as the player-to-player interactions should remain zippy as player-to-player stuff can often happen MUCH more quickly than how long it takes for a tick to happen.

I’d like this too, buying science on a bad star accidentally early game can be crippling and I’ve done it a few times.