I'd like to talk about moving the forum somewhere else

Hey Folks,

The forum has been getting more spam than posts lately, I can catch most of it before you see it, but its nearly every day now.

Given the traffic is very low, I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts about moving any active discussions over to the discord channel. (Or somewhere else?)

Plus I wouldn’t mind saving $20 a month or so.



Discord actually just implemented new forum type channels. I’ve been using them in another server and I think they’d be relatively capable of acting as a replacement to this forum. That being said, you may want to consider having more active moderation on the Discord in that case. As an embarrassingly active Discord admin I’m more than happy to help if that’s the route you decide to go.

If you do, can you host my API documentation on the main website? :smiley:

I’m in both so it’s not much different for me. Discord is quite hard for finding old threads though which the forum is good for

Maybe the API docs could be hosted on github, potentially with links to NP related github projects. The discord and/or main website could point at those resources.

Would hate to see a lot of IHG history would vanish - is everything just going to be deleted?

On another note, organizing tournaments on Discord sounds like a mess, so without the forum there may no longer be ones (at least from my end).

What’s the difficulty with organizing tournaments on Discord? From my perspective it actually seems much easier. I’ve been using Discord to organize my own team games on my own discord server; I’ve been using the new forum feature on Discord and it’s going rather smoothly in my opinion. I’d be happy to help you organize using Discord if that’s the direction things go. I love your tournaments and would hate to see them end.

I see this as a big problem since Trucriot’s tournaments are the only reason I (and, I think, many others) frequent the forum.

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Discord isn’t really made for long-form posts imo, it’s much more of a chat than a forum and without admin rights you are very limited in what you can do to manage things. Even with them, polls, embedding pictures within posts and more are just not really readily available. I would expect the experience to be very unübersichtlich - did not find a satisfactory translation of that word, but it’s a slightly less strong word for chaotic.


been so long since I made my account. is there a captcha in place? seems most spammers do auto account creation, if we can slow down that it could help out a lot.

If Jay were to move over to Discord (which I’m not advocating for, I’d prefer he keep these forums open), I imagine he could take a more active role and simply give you administrative privileges. Discord has polls (through bots) that are much more capable than the polls on this site.

I’m not saying it’s ideal, but I think Discord could easily serve as a replacement to these forums and I think you’d find Discord a fine tool for running the tournaments after a short learning curve. I’ve been running my own sort of tournament through Discord and have had no issues so far. If these forums are going away I’d hope you’d at least be willing to try running them through Discord before giving up. And if you aren’t willing I’d be more than happy to take over.

Fair points. With admin rights it probably would be worth a try to continue the tournament tradition if this forum goes down. (And happy for you to organize tournaments regardless :wink: )

I really hate discord, but all the kids seem to like it.

I would rather setup a community on Steam even though the game it not on Steam.

Perhaps something like this

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Have you considered Slack? It seems ideal.

For slack, the free plan has a really low rentention limit, everything would always be temporary.

Discord > Slack

Discord is better is almost every way.

I hear you, but will say Discord already has quite a following. Lots of conversations every day. Tons of interactions, memes, links to other media. Once you get used to it, it’s actually ideal. Plus I think it’s the DeFacto place most of the active players are already congregating.

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I’m working on the somewhere else, and have been for a long time, but hey, it’s a pet project. It’s only a matter of time. I got WebSockets chat up and running this week.