If I'm the last player to submit in a turn-based game


…Then the notifications of events that happened during the turn don’t seem to give the envelope icon the red notification badge until I leave and reenter the game.


That’s the case with every game. The notifications don’t happen until you reload the page, or refresh the game by clicking on the timer of the menu. That way the game only updates when needed instead of constantly updating when nothing new has happened.


The idea is that when you submit, if you are the last person, it will update your unread messages because battles or tech research has probably happened. It already does a full universe update when you submit.

I can’t think of a good reason not to change it. 1) Easy-ish to change, 2) Performance improvement, 3) Useful feature.

When you click the submit button, and are last, it does an order which returns full_universe data (the players, stars and ships). When you load the page it does a order, fetch_player_achievements and fetch_unread_count.

Another thing which doesn’t update is the intel screen. intel_data is called the first time you enter the Intel screen. Every other time it uses cached data so when you go to Intel after a turn has passed it gives you the old data.


Yes I should fix this. I’ll add it near the top of the list.

I might have to get you guys to help me test some turn based Proteus games.