Inconsistent weapons research timing

So the first several times I had a weapons research finish at the same time as a battle, the weapons counted towards the battle.

The last two times not so. The weapons research event came before the battle, but was not counted in calculating the battle. I bought science specifically to finish before that battle and bought economy on that star while planning on keeping it.

I get screwed for the game./

Why so?

Hrm, not sure how this could be. If anything I would say there is a problem with the reported eta than the game code. I’ll have a look at what the issue might be.

Screenshot of my screenshot. Because I care too much.

Edit: I really like this game and appreciate your hard work on it. I also particularly appreciate your responsiveness to this forum Jay.

No problems Poppe! I really appreciate folks taking the time to come here and help me make it better.

The correct behaviour is for the weapons not to count in the combat, so the instances where it did were the problem cases. Research is calculated after combat.

Ah! In that case it was likely a bug before that had been fixed. I just assume it was the way I had experienced. Bah, poor planning by me.