Incorrect Distance visuals

incorrect visuals

^ Example

So as you can see the Etamin star system is clearly in distance of my cruiser but the Game will not let me go there.

Need to update the visuals to match the games programming.


Each time that you select a star, it will show three rings.

The small dotted ring is simply a selection ring for that star.

The dashed wavy ring is that empire’s scan range from that star.
All stars that are within scan range will have a bright white center core.
Stars that are outside scan range will have a dark center core.

The solid wavy ring is that empire’s hyperspace range from that star.

When a carrier is selected, shortcut key “W” will enter Waypoint edit mode. Potential destination stars within Hypersapce Range will have small bright wavy rings. Up to 19 waypoints may be scheduled for a carrier.
Stars outside of HR will be unselectable for that carrier from the current waypoint.

When a star is near the edge of a ring, it can be difficult to see, and tell the distance.
Shortcut key “V” provides a chain ruler to measure distances for a carrier flight path through multiple stars and way points.

If you are still not sure, then you can measure the distance between two stars x10 to increase the resolution and allow you to read the next smaller digit of accuracy.

Yeah i know all this, thanks for posting. But if you look at the picture the wavy solid ring as you put it the hyperspace range clearly shows the Etamin star is within the jump range of the cruiser. But it will not allow the cruiser to jump to it. I know about the ruler and it comes in handy but to have to measure every distance in the game rather then the correct visuals being displayed is Absurd.

It looks rather too close to call. It can be slightly confusing, just by the wavyness of that ring.
If during Waypoint edit mode, there is no small bright ring on that star, then it is outside of HR.

Jay will decide this issue.

For sure i get what your saying.

My point is if the animation is not correct there is no point in having it.

Better to have no animation then one that gives you the wrong info.

Im going to say it boils down to the line being Wavy though and its actually showing the right distance and the waviness of the line makes it look like its in distance even though its not.