Intel reports should include total warp gates


My apologies if this has been requested before, but I checked and didn’t see anything…

But I think it would be beneficial (especially in 64 player games) to be able to see how many warp gates other players have - so as to allow you to know how fast an opponent could reroute existing fleets.

To my knowledge it is the only investment that doesn’t show up under intel reports.

I guess you could make the argument that you can only see warp gates within scanning range - however I would counter that with the fact that I can easily see how many ships and industry you have total, regardless of my scanning range on you.

I’m not talking about locations, just numbers. If I saw that you had a lot more warp gates than I did, it would affect my strategy for any planned attacks against you.



Not too crazy a suggestion. What does everybody else think?


I guess it wouldn’t hurt to add it in, although I can’t see how it would affect my strategy in any way. What are you going to do differently once you know how many warp gates your enemy has? You don’t know where they’re heading so doesn’t change anything to my mind.


heh, I wrote out my entire explanation in a response comment just now…however, I just realized my current situation is against another life time member and they might be on the forums.

So I am going to PM you and hope you aren’t my opponent :stuck_out_tongue: And if you agree with my thinking, I will post the response publicly after the situation is resolved!



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It would make intel more accurate. If players are losing worlds and stargates we have a way of confirming what worlds have stargates a bit more effectively. Also, pinpoint who is fighting whom in larger cluttered games.


I’m cool with whatever way NP moves. But, I do like having secret warp gates beyond my neighbors scan range so they can’t see my war machine positioning to PWN them.


I think it would reveal whether someone or not is pursuing a ‘warp gate strategy’ and on larger maps one might even be able to infer what variety of warp gate strategy they are using (a quick invasion deployment, a network of troop transport corridors, etc) based on the ratio of their warp gates to total stars.

It would definitely change the dynamic of some games.


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