Intel Screen request

I’d like to see an option in the Intel Screen to ignore AFK/QUIT/etc opponents; ie select to view “All” but including an option not to display AI’s.

Alternatively, or perhaps additionally,that might need to be a separate window, would be to be able to select a Tech (ie weapons, terraforming) and to get a list of what each player’s level is in that tech, preferably sortable.


This is a serious pain on 64 player games, I actually work my way through the list writing down all the symbols, then take a screenshot when I’ve set it up once, which I use to set it up when I need to use it. It’s doable but too much work.

Good call. I will add this to the list.

(Though I hope one day the AI will be competitive and you will want to look at their progress. )

I often do want to see their progress, but it’s not useful in tracking alliances and who’s doing what research etc.