Intel: Total Research

I’d like a cumulated research graph (currently you can only e.g. look at the Weapons level).

When you hit the “G” shortcut key, do you see these screens ?

A drop down list can select a list of charts.

In another thread, you said you have difficulty with the interface or browser on an Android Chrome ?
Could that be part of the problem ?

im not sure thats what the OP meant. although i could be wrong i think they mean either:

  1. an option to show weapons+banking+experimental +etc etc
  2. the graphs to show fractions or percentages complete…

Then hit the “R” shortcut key , to see partial fractional research progress ?

yeah thats yours, but not other peoples, and not on a pretty graph… tbh i am not sure i like the idea too much myself… not knowing when people are due to get weapons upgraded is half the fun… as it catching people in a trap like that (where your weapons pop just before they land)

How would that change though?

Yes I meant the overall research points. That’s information that’s a) available in the intel graph already (if you are able to calculate all 7 research topics for 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 together … :)) and b) available when you are on a player profile where you can compare your research points.

I usually ask my allies at pay day, what their RPs are. This is helpful to plan research tasks.

Paper, pencil, and calculator can be helpful when trying to figure out the fog of war .

I expect the enemies to keep their secrets, to make the game more interesting.

Maybe @JayKyburz could make that information available for Formal Alliances ?

Okay, I clearly didn’t make myself clear:

I am not talking about the overall progress.
I am talking about the 107 levels I achieved and that there should be a graph under intel for that.
Currently there are 7 graphs for the different research topic levels but not for the overall level count.

I am not quite visualizing exactly what you are describing . . .
It is not narrowed down specific enough ?

What is your graph supposed to look like ?
What are the horizontal and vertical axis ?
How many players on that graph ?
one tech per graph ? or 7 techs stacked on one bar graph per player ?
Does the graph show tech levels ? or RPs ?
bar graph or lines or dots ?
What other information ?

If you are asking for the RP counts since start of game,
those numbers would include sums of actual SCI research of 1 point / SCI lab / tick , plus tech trades, and also EXP RP bonuses on pay day production.

Your screenshot shows Terraforming 12 , 1101 of 1728 ,
so that is a total of 10605 RP since start of game.

If you are asking for RP counts only for the progress towards the next level of tech,
then that is already on your screen shot. So maybe you are asking for more data processing and analysis than that ?

Your screenshot shows 23 % progress towards Scanning 14 .

I am surprised that the game does not report how many Bothans died to bring me the tech levels of the enemy empires. How does one empire “know” the RP counts of any other empire anyways ?

Here is a currently running 64 player game.

@wrenoud created some ( user created ) graphs and charts to help analyze a game.

So this would show tech levels of all 64 players

@wrenoud explains his tools here.

@Qwerty also created some ( user created ) helpful tools, but it reports tech levels, not RPs.

@Qwerty explains his tools on this thread.


Besides, not all tech levels are equivalent.
User created games can adjust Research Costs.
Tech level 11 of Cheap Experimentation requires less effort to achieve,
than tech level 6 of Crazy Expensive Banking tech.

This can distort the meaning of tech levels.
It might seem like you cannot compare apples to oranges.

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Also not all technologies have the same effectiveness.
IMHO, Weapons 22 is more powerful than Manufacturing 23.

Let me try again and attempt to better understand your feature request.

@BOb , Are you saying that you would like to see a chart that looks something sort of like this ,

that shows 7 lines describing tech levels ( not the RP ? ) of 7 technologies,
growth over time ( game ticks ) for any one empire ? viewable from their empire screen by clicking a button ?
or selecting that empire’s graph from the Intel screen ?

If it is not described well, then Jay might not understand your feature request.

It sounded to me like he wanted a graph as above but with one line showing the total number of research levels over time. So at the start of the game if you have level 1 in everything, you would start at 7 (7 tech). Each time you gain a level in anything it goes up by 1 (to 8, then 9, and so on). So if you have level 2 in everything you are at 14, etc. You could click multiple players to see their total grow over time as well. Not sure how useful this is to be honest, as others have said some techs are worth more than others.

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A graph as you are describing, showing the sums of all 7 tech levels, ought to track somewhat well with the graph of SCI labs in the empire, because of the RP being generated. It might show pulses that indicate RP injection from tech trades and EXP RP bonuses.

One difference though would be that the sum of 7 tech levels do not drop off when SCI labs are lost by enemy capture.

The sum of 7 tech levels could continue to increase, when SCI labs are lost, because EXP RP bonuses continue on pay day production, or a generous ally is providing tech trades.