So in another thread it was mentioned that it’s nice to know who your playing against. Maybe we should introduce ourselves :slight_smile:

I’m LDG, I live in the UK and I’ve played about 5 games.

I like dark starts, medium sized games, and being the colour purple :slight_smile:

Sure! Nice to meet you LDG. Well, I generally have the word Alias in my alias, I am playing a dark game with LDG at the moment, I live in Central America and I have played 2 games so far. :smile:

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Hey there, I’m Rikkarta, 20yo and from Bavaria, pretty new to this game (about to finish my first games) and definately am a fan of fast games. Also i want to try a dark game, also maybe a game with some more players.

Cheers =)

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Hi, I use all sorts of aliases, have been playing since November, I live in the UK.
I like dark games and favour turn based.

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