Is it possible for all winners to die after combat? Do they leave bodies?

Hope this hasn’t been asked somewhere already - is it possible for an entire winning unit to be destroyed after combat?

And if so - does this mean the corpses of the winning unit get left on the ground? (and ostensibly, become zombies later)

Have a 91 strength army staring down a 90 strength guy guarding a graveyard and will inform how I deal with this. :smile:

Likely everyone will die, and no there will not be a grave yard.


There won’t be a new graveyard; your troops that died despite winning will not leave bodies behind. Just to be clear, I don’t think it will clear the existing graveyard though.

By the way, Praetorian, this might be a good thing to add to the FAQ. This has come up before and is a good question.

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