Is there a way to officially abandon a game?

Is there a way to officially abandon a game? I ask because I have a multiplayer game in my list, where only 3 of the 4 planned players showed up. For whatever reason, the 4th never made it. and it was a private / password protected setup. And now every time I log in, I see this Game that hasn’t even started in my list. I would love to abandon it, so it’s not in my multiplayer list anymore.

There will be other ways to delete it soon, but at the moment you can go to Multiplayer … User Created Games (under the hosted games), select your game from the list and it will show you a details button with a Delete button.

Actually, I don’t have a button to “leave” somebody else’s game yet. And also, the code that deletes games that sit dormant is not running right now.

I will make a note to fix both of these things soon!