Is there way to increase relations by cash with 0 econ AI?

from the AI guide " …The amount required to increase the level of relations is 5 times the number of economy points the AI has in total…"

I have an AI with 0 econ now so,i sent 1$ and 5$ and neither increased relations?

Hmmmm, its a good question. You’re main goal is to improve your relations? Or are you trying to get tech from them(which also requires a positive relationship status)?

One thing to remember is that the AI needs to have the cash available to transfer said tech if that’s what you’re going for.

You might be tough out of luck though while the AI has 0 economy…

Nope only wanted to improve relations(-6right now) so the AI wouldnt attack me while i gather ships to attack this player stronghold he left b4 he quit. now the prod tick past and this AI built new stuff but it dont show?

Interesting, it should show. My guess is some kind of graphical bug with not updating the infrastructure. May just be not possible to increase relations if 0 economy.


it showed up when i checked a few ticks later… I could take him out now but waiting for next prod tick hoping he adds 1 econ so i can waste another 5$ on testing the relations

Gift Tech.
But that option is too expensive to be worth it.

yeah $30 tech trade vs $1 or 5$ not worth it. He had only 2 planets left and -6 relations and i only wanted to keep AI quiet(cheaply) until my ships arrived. new prod tick and he built 3 econ :frowning: so at $15 not worth it for me to even test it ($5 i would had :stuck_out_tongue: )and now its been two cycles and he has not launched any ships so, i am not worried about it anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

But my original ? remains: Has anyone improved relations with an AI with 0 econ by cash alone?

Now i got a 2nd ? How few planets does an AI need to have b4 it stops launching carriers? I Heard 1 and 3 planets from different people.