Just Some Layouts


I finally got round to buying premium after a few years of playing the game! :slight_smile: So far I’ve been experimenting with custom layouts.

This has been my favourite:

This gives a semi-random layout with roughly 3 neighbours for everyone and rotational symmetry. Other variations include random stars and more densely packed stars.

A few ring galaxies:

And weird stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone here have their own cool layouts to share or ones they’ve seen in custom games?


Those first three maps appear similar to my Three Neighbors map 16L.



Wow, thanks for linking to that thread. Some of those layouts look awesome!

I’ve been calling that layout a reuleaux because of how it looks.


There’s some nice designs there AnnanFay, wouldn’t mind playing some of those maps.

I can’t wait for Jay to implement functionality to specify coordinates of all stars (i.e. not restricted to home worlds), that will really open up the community map building.


Agreed. I really think that it will show an increase in premium memberships.


Thanks :smile:

I agree, would love to generate some spiral arm galaxies and such.

For now I’ve created this game with a randomised reuleaux formation, though it has some custom settings that may not be your cup of tea: http://triton.ironhelmet.com/game/5067171787964416

If you have any requests I’ll message the settings to you, I didn’t want to post them here because it requires quite a bit of setting tweaks. For example by reducing the home distance and increasing point scaling you can increase spread of stars, the reverse will reduce star spread.


Individual start placement is very high on the list of priorities.