Large number of quits at the start of games?

As a relatively new(ish) player and after trying my hand at a 64-player game, I’m finding it fairly hard to ignore that quite a few players go A.F.K. or quit at the start of the game. Which really irritates me, since the game doesn’t seem as crowded as before – and more lonely.

Why this? Does this game have a problem with trolls?

Also, but I don’t know for sure, but it seems that some of the players who don’t quit, but otherwise stay in the game, are silent for pretty much the whole game. But they’re pretty active (with a low score in everything BUT industry)?

Which leads me to this: Is it possible to create multiple accounts?

Now I’m just rambling. Sorry about that! But an answer would be appreciated.

A lot of players join the game, see that the starting position they got isn’t as good as others and they do quit. This doesn’t just happen in the big game, however the more players, the more quitters. Some players also quit if they don’t think they have a shot at the first position.

Multiple accounts is possible, however cheating. I don’t do it and neither should any one else. However, a lot of people have friends either that they met in the game and have grown to be close allies, or they knew each other outside the game. Those players generally will stick together for multiple games.

Being a new player, your renown will be low, also I’m guessing you have minimal/no badges and may not be premium. A lot of players look at this during the start of a game and that is a big contributing factor to who they will choose to be their ally. If you see a player with multiple badges that shows they are good to their alliance, that is a positive mark towards choosing them as your ally, you also try to pick someone who is in a good position in relation to your own, so that you can work together and not fence each other in easy. You will both pick a player and attack them at the same time quite often. They also look at your victories, rank, renown. Someone with no renown generally means they are new to the game, they quit easy or they don’t play nice with others.

Try building up your renown a bit in the smaller and player created games, be good to your allies, or cut throat and accept nothing but victory, the choice is yours :slight_smile: Try and play the game through even if you’re having a bad luck streak, if you can’t win then bump an ally into the winning spot

On that note, if you have a good ally in the game, or have had an enjoyable epic battle with a player, or they are good role players or generally fun to play with; make sure you hand out your renown to those who deserve it. You don’t have to give any away each game, so if no one deserves it then keep it away from them!

If you are trying to talk to someone and they don’t talk back, but they are generally active… watch your back as you’re probably the target. You can’t be everyone’s friend as there is only 1 winner and it’s a game of war. Don’t give up, you will lose more games than you win but it’s fun either way as long as you remember it’s a game.

I hope I answered your question.

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