Leadersboards (or Game History API)



Any leaderboards and player rankings (based on game-results) in the development pipe?

Would make way to some other features:

  • Community competitions/invitationals
  • Match-making (based on skill-level)

An alternative would be if you could open up an API to retrieve completed games stats and results and let us, the community develop some nice things around Neptune’s Pride.

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Since premium players can create games, and control who joins them, a leaderboard is very easy to manipulate and abuse. There has been one tournament held some time last year. I believe Jay has thought about doing another.


Surely the devs (you?) can scope the leaderboard to games generated by the system.

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Not me, you want Developer Jay. I’m just your friendly neighborhood player.

Not that I disagree that a leaderboard would be nice, but even with your suggestion, it would still be open to a lot of abuse. The only way it would show legitimate scores would be if you had a matchmaking system and only counted those games. Even with the system generated games, One could gather up a handful of friends to all join together and repeatedly dominate games, or simply create alts to give oneself an advantage.

Besides, it would have to be a pretty complicated ranking system. Is a player that plays 15 games at a time (they are out there) and only wins one, but ranks in two more, better than a player that plays a single game at a time, and wins 2 out of 3? Do you rank based on wins alone? Wins/Total Games? Rank Points Earned/Total Possible Rank Points? Renown?

How do you account for someone being psycho towards another player who previously defeated them, and suicides all their ships into him, thus handing a third party such a dominating lead, that the remaining players can’t win. Did that third party win by skill, diplomacy or just luck out that someone out there threw away a game to get even?

Again, I like the idea of leaderboards, but this game may not lend itself to one.


Fair enough,

I’m sure Jay is a skilled software engineer and can solve the problems you describe, if by chance it hasn’t been solved already by someone else :wink:

In any case, if there’s no time to do it, I think opening up an API endpoint for ended matches would get some folks in the community to maybe hack on it (including me).

Have a good one Brian and folks,


Now a simple Match History log of players, with no sorting for Rank of any kind might be nice. Maybe just an alphabetical list showing games played with some pertinent data would be interesting.

PlayerA History
-Custom/System (Match Name)-Game creator, End Rank/VP, Rank Points Earned, % of stars claimed, # of players, #KO, #Quit, #AFK, Renown Awarded by others, Shared IP?

For example:

Jimmy 1 Victory, 16 Rank, 17 Renown
Game History
-Custom (Bob’s Game)-Bob, 1st, 1VP. 8 Rank Points, 50.4%, 8,3,1,1, 6 Renown, No IP Warnings
-System (AlphaGamma), 2nd, 0VP, 8 Rank Points, 32.5%, 16,5,3,3, 11 Renown, IP Warning


Could be fun to have stats like games played, games quit, games AFK, longest game played, shortest game played, time before Wiped out etc.


These are good ideas. I’m not actually tracking a lot of stats like that so first step it to start logging the data. Then I would be happy to just open it up the the community to mess around with!