Ledger & Tech costs

Hey Jay, wanted to say HUGE THANK YOU for the ledger, It’s awesome! Sooooo helpful. Here is just a couple ideas to make it even better:

  1. when sending cash, have an additional pulldown where it has the preset values based on the tech costs. So for example if I needed to send cash to my friend for a level 6 tech he has, I just click and select the level six tech from the list and it sends him the amount of cash needed to pay for a level 6 tech. I am currently doing a lot of back and forth calculating tech costs to send and it gets tiresome in both games (Triton & Proteus). Anything we can do to make that part of the game simpler, the better!

  2. Show owed cash right on the player screen and a button to pay it right there as well. Keep the actual ledger page as well, just an even more convenient alternative to send money owed.

Thanks again for putting the time into developing the game more!

This is a good idea, I’ve had people send me tech and then just press the pay button to 0 it out, but it can be difficult to do when the other person constantly accidentally spends too much money

Some good suggestions. Thanks Nick!

And please incorporate it in 64-player games if that’s possible. Way to important an upgrade. As always - the GREATEST at-work game ever devised by a human being!


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I would love to see the ledger added to Triton games! It’s a great convenience feature that doesn’t change the rules, so it shouldn’t be super hard to transfer over.

I too often find myself miscalculating tech costs when trying to pay for shared research. Being able to select the cost from a drop down would be great!

Thanks @Zeke, its on my list of Todos!

Oh yes, the ledger is so handy, can’t wait to use it in Tritton. Nick’s idea of being able to pay a debt on a player’s profile would be nice too !