Link accounts of Neptune's Pride, Blight, and forum


Is there any way to link my Triton, Blight, and forum accounts so I don’t need 3 separate user names, and passwords? Or a way to add Blight to my Triton account?


Unfortunately there is not at the moment. (But feel free to just use the same email password combo for each game and imagine they the same account :slight_smile: )


Will do. Thanks Jay!


Was changing my password and noticed the password restrictions are different on the forums than the games. I was able to put in an easy for me to remember and type password into Triton and Blight, but the forums gave me this error:

Password is one of the 10000 most common passwords. Please use a more secure password.


Yes sorry. The forums is a third party piece of software and it tries to protect you from yourself. My games let you choose pretty much anything because, well, they’re just games.


where as a forum log on details for a regular user are vital secrets up there with icbm codes :stuck_out_tongue: