Logging in returns to log in screen


When I log in, I’m returned to the log in screen instead of the account home page. When I press cancel, I’m able to access this screen, so it’s more of an inconvenience than a real nuisance.

Another issue: It would be nice if pressing return after typing in the password would log me in, as is the standard around the internet. Another minor inconvenience…


Yikes, thats a huge bug I submitted yesterday. Thanks for letting me know.

The account create screen and a bunch of others were broken as well. I wonder how many new players got confused and left yesterday :frowning:

Please let me know if this is fixed.

I will add a handler for the return soon. But i did make the tab order correct so if you type password - tab - enter it should work.



Yeah, it works now, both the tab and the redirecting. Thank YOU for the fast response!


HAha, that one had to be fast because I was probably losing hundreds of players! Thats like $10 of revenue lost!