Madness. (1 star per player)

Qwerty: As you can imagine, the Hulk does prefer green - glad to see the Wizard in the game.

Sekoms: Did MattS take your color/shape?

Jay: Send me your $3,000 and I’ll let you know how far it goes! :wink:

Krusnik (and others): Yea, this game is going to be crazy - good job Ross coming up with something different … really different. It will probably be real quiet for the first week, and then I’ll wake up one morning and BAMM, I’m gone!

In terms of strategy, I wonder who is going to launch first … because whoever goes ALL-IN against an opponent will have all their neighbors launch against them - D’OH! :wink:

And even if players go AFK, that isn’t beneficial since with one star/player, they are going to be camped out there … and if there are several AFK’ers, they will share tech and get powerful as a group - maybe the AI-Bot will win.

If anyone is playing with ALT accounts, that will be greatly beneficial here.

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I’d hope they wouldn’t be so scurrilous.

Been discussing techs. With only one world, construction costs spiral, so terra, exp and banking seem more valuable.

I’m interested to see how hard this makes the AI as well.

Lol, I spent 20 mins with a calculator working all that out too! Is there a formula for working out how much more progressively expensive a star’s ecom/ind/sci gets based on it’s resources?

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There is. Qwerty posted it I believe?

Here’s the “Terraforming Calculator” forum link

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No Hulk, I have no fav shape or color on here

Well someone has already taken purple circle so I’M NOT PLAYING!

One more player needed!

And MADNESS has started!

For reasons unclear, I’m not able to see the game parameters … but it’s 24 hour production and you can only trade with players in Scan range … this is going to be … Madness! :wink: :wink:

P.S. Updated post with map below - probably won’t change for a while …

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Intel is useless, as we know where everyone’s infrastructure is. So trade scanning makes a lot of sense.

I regret my decision to be in the corner with trade scan on…

If anyone wants to follow along I have a couple charts up

Rosslessness… you’ve got a plan, right? You thought up this madness, you can’t be eliminated first!

WOW … I was completely wrong about the map staying fairly static.

Ross got wiped out around the 30 hour point, Panda at 48 hours, and now ojame has a 3rd star by taking Bransia’s homeworld. At the rate this is going, I’m going to end up as a Hulk sandwich! :wink:

Click image below to see animated and larger size

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I must say that I like your gifs. Too bad I was out for the weekend and didn’t notice an incoming attack.

What would you do if you did see it.

He could send his whole fleet to the other player’s star, thus capturing their star for himself.

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No way, you were PANDA, @Qwerty ? BTW ¿Are you recording this game?