Mail notifications in the Favicon


Found the library today.

What do you think?




This looks great but I’m too stupid to know what I’m looking at. Can anyone give me a quick tutorial on how to install this?


It’s a Javascript library that allows developers (Jay in our case) to easily modify the website icon, favicon, so it shows how many unread messages there is.


  1. Easy to see if you have new messages without switching tabs.
  2. Pretty cool from a technical point of view.


  1. Minor additional download size (3.121 kB)
  2. Minor additional processing
  3. Takes development time from more important stuff

If you do really want to install it, i.e. you have your own browser game or website. You’ll need to download tinycon.js file and include it. There’s config examples on the github page.


Oh! So all I have to do is pray Jay incorporates it? :grin:

I’m guessing (hoping) this would show any kind of notification on the favicon? Both diplomacy and events?


Yeah, its low on the list of priorities but would be nice.