Making assassins combinable?


What if assassins were single combinable units instead of heroes?

They’d require some rebalancing, but as they stand they’re not particularly useful against bosses… which was kinda what they were designed for no?

You could make them units (which will also help keep LW synergies in check a bit) and make them a tad more expensive. Maybe when combined they would lose their elusive trait?

It would be cool/fun to have to send your assassins individually in via different routes, then combine them to strike against a boss… after which they’d have to escape together, or die together!


Perhaps we could consider making them a raw percentage chance again rather than strength based.


I do enjoy the idea of a flat percentage chance. 50% chance of success with failure resulting in death, perhaps?


Also in favor of a flat percentage chance, I know it had been discussed in the past, but since nothing happened I assumed for some reason the idea was dead.

I’m on the fence about it killing him, as well as what the chance should be… generally speaking luck doesn’t seem like a huge factor in Blight… and a straight up coin flip to see if you get the kill seems outside the normal realm of tactics in this game.

Not to say I’m opposed, only that this type of tactics game seems to rely on a smart player who understands the cards more that luck.

What if his ability cost x gold in addition to mana? Or he lost elusive and thus players were required to work harder to get him within range of a boss?

ooor you could go for @Diaphanous’s idea.


having them not be elusive would also work IMO. it would require a little micro to have them sneak around flanks and such. very flavorful